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Combustion Engineering 524(g)
Asbestos PI Trust Information/Download Page


Please review this page carefully for important information to assist you in the submission of your claim to the CE Personal Injury Trust. The individual claim form may be downloaded as a PDF document. Multiple claim submissions may be submitted to the Trust electronically, utilizing excel spreadsheets. Please review the detailed instructions for electronic submission of claims available below entitled "User's Guide to Online Filing" for more information. We have also provided "Approved Jobsite Listings" with the appropriate site code. There is an "Instructional letter for Filing a Claim". This should assist you in the process of completing your claim submission(s).

Should you have any questions, please contact the individuals listed below.

                        Daniel P. Myer                          (609) 466-0427 x1006
                        Mark Eveland                            (609) 466-0427 x1004
                        Morten Iversen, IT Support        (609) 466-0427 x1005
                        Email for support:                      support@verusllc.com


Approved Job Sites